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Monthly Filming & Editing Package

See below the savings of an Annual Monthly Package:

Details 12 units
@Pay as you go
Prices exc. VAT
12 units
Monthly Package*
Prices exc. VAT
Hourly rate £220 £170
Annual cost £2,640 £2,040
Saving £810


*What’s included in your Monthly Package:

£170 + VAT per month

(for a minimum of 12 months)

  • For every month’s payment, you receive credit for 1 testimonial (normal charge is £220 plus VAT)
  • Free change of music or template.
  • Prices are fixed for 12 months.
  • 12 testimonials can be filmed at your pace, not just one a month, but as the clients are ready.
  • Invitations to Bright Light Organised events.
  • Flexibility with credits as 1 testimonial can be converted to 1 hours filming time.
  • Your marketing would be encouraged and become easy & simple to do.
  • One film can be incredibly versatile and can be used in social media (FB, Twitter, and LinkedIn) part of marketing campaigns to prospects as well as current clients.
    They can become part of a blog and also be attached to every email that you send out. They can also be converted to “Talk to Text” and used as a leave piece. (Please ask for more details)
  • Excellent endpoint quality with lighting and sound (which your prospects will judge you on).
  • For marketing to work effectively, it needs to be consistent. This filming package will enable your company to be consistent in video marketing over the next year.

Pay as you go

Item Hourly rate
exc. VAT
Hourly rate
inc. VAT
Hourly rate or one testimonial £220 £264
Monthly package cost (see separate list) £170 £204
Travel to London (+ travel expenses) From £90 From £108
Travel to London (+ travel expenses) From £90 From £108

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on the different packages
call Clare on

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Video Testimonials

Starting from £220 + VAT includes:

  • 1 hour including set up, actual filming and shut down. Travel time of up to 1 hour (approx. 25 miles) + fuel costs included.
  • The editing of 20 minutes recorded footage down to 3 minutes of powerful material is normally 1 hour’s work.
    (3 minutes is shown to be the optimum length for holding an audience online)
  • Basic placeholders / text etc. is included in the editing, as are non-animated intro and exit sequences.
  • Includes one interview.
  • Up to 30 minutes phone support to help finalise the required elements.
  • Copyright free music track.
  • Template designed for future filming.
  • Basic placeholders/text etc. is included in the editing.
  • Up to 45 minutes phone support to help finalise the required elements.
  • Copyright music.
  • Lighting & Autocue provided
  • Template design for future filming projects.
  • Script writing support.
  • Travel time of up to 1 hour (approx. 25 miles) + fuel costs included.
  • For clients outside 20 mile radius add 45p per mile.
  • Additional 25% charge for outside office hours & weekends.

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