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Clare Jones

I have been running a film and video production company for five years. I’ve filmed everything from children’s parties through to marketing courses.

Over that time, film itself has become more important than ever before. Film has many functions. It helps us to remember events we’ve forgotten. And in the world of commerce helps us to establish our brand.

Why I do what I do

What I really want to do is help business’ like yours to use the assets that they already have in their existing customers and what they have to say in order to gain more customers.

Without realising it we often seek ‘Social Proof’ and will use a product or a service because we know other people have happily done so before us. Third party recommendation has a huge value to any company and so often these opinions are not sourced or valued highly enough.

What Bright Light Film can do for your business

What Bright Light Film can do for you is use this amazing resource and use it to your companies benefit. We make the filming and production of video testimonials as simple as possible.

We set up a camera and your premises for the day and capture your customers as they come through. We have a structured template of questions that will help elicit all those brilliant and unique comments that will start to make you company stand out for all the right reasons. Video testimonials are the most cost effective use of an asset you already have.

We also reach for film more then we read. You Tube has exploded as being one of the first resources that people use. Let Bright Light Film help you turn the spotlight on your business.

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Using video on your website is a proven method to make visitors consume your content and stay longer. However, video testimonials have the edge to help convert those browsers into customers. Watch the video to find out why…

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