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Video Coaching

by Bright Light Film

Are you creating your own marketing video content on a regular basis and need to produce the best videos that you can?

With a Bright Light Film Video Coaching Workshop, we can equip you with all the tiny little elements, that when added up, make a much more powerful video.

 It’s easy to create your own video on your mobile phone. Doing it well is another matter. And it does matter. It matters when the market is so flooded with videos, that yours need to stand out.

 Once you’ve learnt these skills, you can’t unlearn them. You will be able to successfully create your own excellent videos all the time without the cost of hiring a videographer.

Here is what the Video Coaching Workshop includes…

Pre-workshop planning information.

Key date organiser with scheduling.

Time spent developing video plans.

Tips for quality smartphone videos.

Ready to use Content planners.

Video Content ideas documents.

Selecting the ideal location to film.

Develop your video presenting skills.

What our clients say

This Workshop can be delivered online if a face to face meeting is not possible.

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