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Testimonial Video Production Brighton – looking for a Videographer?

Bright Light Film are specialists in producing Testimonial Video Production Brighton

Client: Power Electric Services

Power Electric Services (PES) are a great company to work for as they have plenty of very happy clients, and all very happy to share their experiences on camera.

In this example, PES had refitted all the electrics when a Brighton based hair salon moved premises. This is a joy to film firstly because of the positive testimonial that PES’s client gave, but the salon premises were beautiful to film making the video very watchable.

The salon design is breathtaking and in the heart of Brighton. This is just one of many clients, Bright Light Film has had the pleasure of filming for PES.

In all the video testimonials, PES are able to target market the kind of clients that they are looking to get more of.  From domestic premises needing a kitchen refitted to large industries that are expanding. All these videos go to help create landing pages for their website and also part of email marketing plans and social media activity.

Testimonial Video Production Brighton

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Clients Web Video Testimonials

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Clients Educational & Promotional Web Videos

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