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How Bright Light Film can help your business

If you are a local business in or around Sussex then Bright Light Film can help you understand how to strategically use video as a marketing tool and create professional testimonial video’s of your customers. Bright Light Film come to your shop/office/clinic/site for a fixed number of hours and coach your best customers to give their best reviews possible. Or you can hire Bright Light Film to visit your best customers and shoot them on location.

You want other people to see what your best customers have to say and there is a subtle way of getting the right message across. Don’t risk using poorly shot or limited information video testimonials on your companies website. They will work against you rather than for you.

For a small fee Clare Jones, who specialises in shooting customer testimonial videos, will create professional quality videos which will enhance your website and overall web presence.

Download your free guide today to discover how to avoid the pitfalls of bad video testimonials…!

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