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Client: Coach Educate

This particular project is very dear to the heart of Bright Light Film, as the Coach Educate Director is married to Bright Light Film’s Clare Jones.

The reason this project was great to do for Clare at Bright Light Film, is because she was able to take control of all aspects. The idea came about quite organically to have a repetitive nature to the talking. Each student starts with the positive phrase “This course can…” and they go on to briefly explain the career pathway that each individual student wanted to take.

The brief for this video was to attract more students to the football course. The video needed to attract two different demographics at the sam; the students and then the parents of the students. Instantly the length of the video had to be 60 seconds or less to make sure that interest wasn’t lost. The video had to contain aspirational quotes and a clip from players in order to appeal to the market that is was intended.

The last idea was to try and hashtag the key phrase as well to maximise the opportunity for the video to be shared and searched to make the course feel like it’s part of something much bigger and therefore attractive to want to join the course.

It is also great to say that the video has been shared successfully amongst all the students and has created the buzz and applications that is was initially looking to achieve.

  • Recruitment Videos Haywards Heath

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