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Welcome Marketing Video Haywards Heath

Welcome Marketing Video Haywards Heath – are you looking for a Videographer?

Bright Light Film are specialists in producing Welcome Marketing Video Haywards Heath

Client: The Fresh Fish Shop

When The Fresh Fish Shop contacted Bright Light Film to produce short marketing video, they didn’t give us much notice. Luckily Bright Light Film was able to accommodate this urgent request to help The Fresh Fish shop with filming a short marketing video about a new business venture that they were embarking on.

The brief was to generate interest over a range of pop up restaurants and cooking demonstrations all based with a sea food theme.

Bright Light Film helped The Fresh Fish Shop to write a script. Initially they wanted the script to be quite long, but after some discussions, the script was halved and then really aimed at those people who enjoy cooking fish and eating it.

The end result was a really light fresh feeling video that worked a treat to drum up interest via The Fresh Fish shops Facebook page.

welcome marketing video haywards heath

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