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Client: Quench Cycles

Quench cycles are a bike & accessories company on dual sites in Sussex and Kent. One site that they operate from is Bedgebury Pineium which is just outstandingly beautiful. This this particular video example of a welcome video brighton, the film was captured during the autumns when the leaves were looking stunning.

David from Quench put together his script and the filming the clips were done over several months. Bright Light Film also added testimonials for all the different elements that they do at Quench from GCSE Cycling to Real Spin classes.

Bright Light film always enjoys filming beautiful things and this is no exception. The acres at Quench are so unique to film with the additional of the action of the cycling. Great stuff to film and makes our job easy!

welcome video brighton

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Clients Web Video Testimonials

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Clients Educational & Promotional Web Videos

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