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Client Testimonial Haywards Heath

Client Testimonial Haywards Heath – looking for a Videographer?

Bright Light Film are specialists in producing Client Testimonial Haywards Heath

Client: Mailserve

We very much enjoyed working for Mailserve who supply photocopiers and franking machines to businesses.

Mailserve would admit to themselves that the world or photocopiers and franking machines is not all that sexy and glamourous. However, when  I client testimonial meant that Bright Light Film had to travel to the Sussex Cricket ground, this did seem much more exciting than we were lead to believe.

Prior to filming, Bright Light Film did have concerns that this particular business service could come across as quite dry and uninteresting, but that that thought couldn’t have been any further from the truth. Mark Judges from the Sussex County Cricket ground literally hit the testimonial out the ball park if you pardon the pun. He filmed a brilliant testimonial incorporating all the areas that needed to be covered with style and class. He was exceptionally complimentary of the team at Mailserve which meant that Mailserve were very happy with Bright Light Film for capturing it.

Client Testimonials Haywards Heath

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