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Client Video Testimonials Burgess Hill

Client Video Testimonials Burgess Hill – are you looking for a Videographer?

Bright Light Film are specialists in producing Client Video Testimonials Burgess Hill

Client: The Perrymount

Filming videos where someone really makes a difference to someone else’s quality of life are very rewarding to make.

Christian Bates who is an Osteopath who specialises in treating babies fits into this category. Christian has a raft of fans who have taken their new born babies to see him and he has solved eating and sleeping issues through baby massage.

Having just delivered a baby and dealing with the physical aftermath of that is exhausting, but add to that a very unsettled baby and you have a recipe for disaster. It’s no surprise that Christian is considered to be quite a hero in Sussex. He is known for treating small babies and making a big difference the parent’s life.

In the video testimonial example, this lovely mum shares her experiences of how Christian helped her and her family to return to a new and happy normal.

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Clients Web Video Testimonials

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Clients Educational & Promotional Web Videos

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