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Client: The Window Shutter Company

Are window shutter blackout?

This video example from The Window Shutter Company came about after many months of nagging Tim and Liz that they must start to video some top tip and marketing videos.

They started on  their video journey with a few of their client testimonials, which were great to initially get some video content to their website, but they both knew that there were objections and marketing videos that were also a high priority.

After a few meetings with Liz, we stripped back what were the most important issues the tackle first. These were a short meet the team video, How to measure your window to get a quick quote and then this example here which his “Are Window shutter Blackout?” Lis and Tim also have a great SEO for those search terms on their website so they knew that this would be a key video to do in order to gain more traffic to their website.

One difficulty with this project is that windows are really hard to film. Bright light in the background makes it difficult to see the actual shutters on camera. Bright Light Film spent some time getting the lighting correct so that the end result of the video, you can see the full effect of what the window shutters can do.

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Clients Web Video Testimonials

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Clients Educational & Promotional Web Videos

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